Low Vision Tests

Low vision eye tests in Brixham and Torquay

Low vision eye tests in Brixham and Torquay

For those with very low vision, being able to see can greatly improve your daily life. 
Extra care for your eyes

Extra care when you need it

We are one of the few opticians in the area who can offer low vision eye tests, making us a great choice for those who have specialist or severe eyecare needs.
Call for an appointment today: 
Brixham 01803 854 733
Torquay 01803 614 067

Plenty of choice for low vision needs

We stock a wide range of magnifying spectacles, ideal for those with pre-existing or developing vision disorders, the elderly, and children. To discuss any specialist eye care needs, contact Spex Opticians today
A wide range of magnifying spectacles
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