Contact Lenses

Affordable contact lenses

Affordable contact lenses in Brixham and Torquay

Contact lenses offer an excellent alternative form of vision correction. Many people who we've supplied them to feel that they provide a sense of freedom not achieved with standard spectacles. As well as cosmetic benefits, they are extremely practical for sports and other recreational activities.
Contact lenses fitting

Your safety is our priority

A contact lens is a foreign body that we choose to put in our eyes. The fitting, and supervised wearing of your contact lenses is a skilled procedure and we won't be advising you over the phone. However in store we have a dedicated fitting service.
Looking at contact lenses? We'll help.
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It's not always a case of giving up glasses

Modern contact lenses are very comfortable, and with the creation of daily disposable soft lenses, many people like to wear their contact lenses just on an occasional basis and wear their glasses the rest of the time.
Modern contact lenses
Regular eye check-ups

Remember to get regular check ups

If you keep wearing contact lenses without having regular check ups and the correct kind of aftercare then your vision may suffer as a result. We are always pleased to discuss individual customers' contact lens needs and an initial consultation and lens trial is usually free of charge.

We now have daily disposable multifocal lenses which give remarkable vision to over 90% of patients – why not book in for a no obligation, free of charge, contact lens trial.
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