Coloured Lenses

Spectacled and coloured lenses

Help reduce strain on your eyes with spectacled and coloured lenses

Hazel coloured lenses

Do you suffer with any of the following?

•  Visual fatigue
•  Headaches
•  Migraines
•  Sore eyes
•  Nausea

Approximately 20% of the population suffer discomfort when looking at a page of words. This can very often be reduced by wearing spectacled lenses. We are able to supply and prescribe a range of spectacled and coloured lenses. 
For more information on coloured lenses, call Spex Opticians on:
Brixham 01803 854 733
Torquay 01803 614 067

Coloured lenses available on prescription

Our range of coloured lenses are available as prescription tint, clip-ons, overlay or glazed to any spectacle frame of your choice. We will perform an assessment to establish which colour tint is most suitable for you. We also supply a range of basic coloured lenses, which offer a stylish option for those who use lenses. 
Coloured lenses available on prescription
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